The Arts Law Centre of Australia’s Adopt aLawyer program pairs a single law firm with an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Art Centre, for a three-year partnership. It is designed to streamline the existing Artists in the Black support of art centres by facilitating a strengthened relationship between an art centre and a single law firm. It allows the art centre to contact the pro bono lawyers at one firm directly for advice on issues, providing for timely advice. Due to the one-on-one, direct relationship, the law firm is able to gain an understanding of the way the art centre operates, and the specific challenges that centre faces. Lawyers can develop a more detailed understanding of the artcentre’s operations which will position it toprovide timely and relevant commercial advice.

Moa Arts has entered into a three-way partnership between Arts Law, KW&M and Moa Arts, whereby KW&M will provide probono services to Moa Arts. The partnership is for three years, and is facilitated by Arts Law. Other fantastic opportunities can include selling our works in their law forms, artists in Residence programmes, Exhibitions, raising profiles on Social media and the law firm becoming a spokesperson for Moa Arts.

King Wood & Mallesons sponsored a much-needed visit from Arts Law to Moa Island in November 2018. Outcomes included a workshop with artists about Artist’ rights, including information about protecting Indigenous Culture and Intellectual Property (ICIP) and Wills, Face to face mentoring with art centre manager/staff and wills were put in place for interested artists.

Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm