Flora  Warria

Flora Warria

Flora Warria

DoB: 30/9/1967

Community: Kubin : QLD

Flora Warria is a Mualgal woman whose ancestral lands are around Wug – current day St Pauls Community on Mua Island. Flora uses natural materials and resources collected locally for her weaving and dyeing, bringing traditional knowledge and practices into her work. She is committed to passing on that knowledge to younger people through her work, so that they can pass that knowledge along to their own children.

‘The knowledge I carry today has been passed down to me through oral traditions going back to ancestral times. It is still a big part of our lives today. That’s why I am so passionate about passing it on.’

Flora has a Cert 4 in Audio Engineering and is a board member of Ngalmun Lagau Minaral.


Flora Warria

Our food source 2019

Colour reduction lino print 49 x 28cm


Flora Warria

Our fruits 2019

Colour reduction lino print 49 x 28cm


Flora Warria

Baits 2019

B & W lino print 49 x 28cm


Flora Warria

Kabarau Zageth 2019

Colour reduction lino print 21 x 36cm


Flora Warria

Murai Kuridh (Crayfish) 2020

B & W lino print 30 x 45cm


Flora Warria

Bu Shell 2020

Colour lino print 26 x 51cm



Date Details Type
2018-10-07 Woolloongabba Art Gallery, Woolloongabba, QLD - Malu Mabaigal - Seafering People Group
2018-06-30 KickArts Contemporary Art Gallery - Cairns City QLD - Malu Maibaigal - Seafaring People Group
2016-09-13 - KickArts Exhibition September Group
2016-04-20 - Gub Titui Art Awards 2016 Group

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