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David Bosun

Fiona Elisala-Mosby

Paula Savage

The Kubin Women’s Flower Print Project

Kazilaig ar Barakuta Garka, 2020
Colour reduction linoprint with kaideral 90×60 cm

Moa Arts is proud to be a part of Tarnanthi for the first time in 2021. The print tradition in Zenadth Kes is a strong one, and we are all proud of the new directions the artists have taken in their work this year. They keep our stories strong by telling them in new ways.

solomon booth, chairman, ngalmun lagau minaral (moa Arts)

The print tradition of Zenadth Kes (the Torres Strait) has a long history based on minaral – traditional Melanesian mark making – and it is this feature, along with the traditional stories of the clan groups across the islands of the regions that make the work unique. The artists presented here are senior, mid career and emerging artists and it is exciting to see so many women amongst the artists who have been active at the art centre this year.

Paula Savage’s reef series combine traditional Islander weaving with observations about the colour and forms of the reefs surrounding Moa Island. Paula won the Innovation Prize at Cairns Indigenous Art Fair in 2020.

‘Piru Piru’ in the (Kala Kawaw Ya dialect of the western islands) is a beautiful honey eater. When they build their nests it tells us it is turtle mating season. The reason why I chose to print this bird is because of it’s beautiful colours. ~ FEM

‘Tangled’ is about going down to Kubin jetty for fishing and  seeing all the tangled lines really captured my attention above the waterline and in the water between rocks ~ FEM.

The beautiful Piru Piru.

Video: Alex Smee.


The Kubin Women’s Flower Print Project came out Moa Arts’ Qld Women’s Week activities at the art centre early in 2020 where the women of Kubin came together to celebrate their many strengths and talents. The Flower Print Project was an opportunity for younger and emerging women artists to work on a single project whereby they could share their creative skills and experiences through the theme of flowers. Many of the participating women were first-time artists and the more senior artists stood in a space where they offered their technical expertise and aesthetic skills to guide the women through the various processes involved in lino printing.

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