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Moa arts textile enterprises

“I am at the very start of my journey, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet

the TSRA and Many Rivers and learn about starting my own business,”

Mabel Kanai, Artist

As part of Moa Arts’ commitment to supporting the women of Mua Island, a program of textiles workshops took place at the Art Centre in November and December 2021. The workshops were designed to build higher-level skills in fabric design, sewing, printing and dyeing. The aim of the project was to encourage the women of Kubin and St Pauls Communities to come in and learn some new skills and maybe dream up some big (small) business ideas that will set them on a stronger path to financial independence.

The creative development workshops were funded by the Queensland Government’s Office for Women and Violence Prevention, as part of the Investing in Queensland Women program. Facillitated by Dr Jenny Sanzaro-Nishimura, the workshops were a great opportunity to come together in a safe, supportive space to share stories and experiences and work together to build skills like pattern making, sewing and overlocking, fabric design, tiedyeing, silk painting and much more.

The project was folowed up with business development workshops facilitated by the Economic Development and Culture Art and Heritage Units of the Torres Strait Regional Authority and Many Rivers. These organisations provide valuable support to aspiring entepreneurs across the region, and travelled to Kubin from Thursday Island to talk about how to set up micro businesses and grow them into thriving social enterprises. Their information sessions and one-on-one mentoring sessions with community members were enthusiastically taken up with more that twenty people taking part over the two days. That’s around 17% of the population of Kubin!

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