Kathy Trinkoon
DoB: 7/1/1996 4:00:00 AM
Community: Kubin

My name is Kathy Trinkoon and I was born on Thursday Island. I grew up on Kubin Village, my mum is from Kubin and my dad is for Badu Island. I was born with a disability call Down syndrome which also known as genetic disorder. As a child, the only thing i enjoyed doing was was Art and “Dots”, I like going everyday to the Art Centre to watch my Uncle’s and Aunties working on their artworks. I get inspired and learn more about art by their traditional animals design and how they write about their stories that base on the their artworks. I also like learning about my cultural songs, dance and traditional foods. All of my families live in Kubin, I’ve got four sisters and one brother. I haven’t been to any previous exhibitions or prizes yet but it would be a privilege to experience such an excellent event to build my talent and I know I will make my families proud. 

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