Mersane Loban
DoB: 5/16/1978 4:00:00 AM
Community: Kubin

I currently reside at Kubin on Mua Island although I am from Badu Island.  I started working as an Administrative Assistant at Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Art Centre. I now work as Regional Manager, Kubin Council.

I was first introduced to art at high school and was taken by the many different styles and techniques used in the creation of art.  We worked on screen-printing, batik and pottery.   I have always loved drawing and developing different styles in my spare time.

My biggest influence and inspiration in my art has been my brother, well known artist, Laurie Nona.  Laurie made my love for art continue throughout my life until today.  He is someone I look up to. Since working at Ngalmun Lagau Minaral (NLM) Arts in Kubin I have had the opportunity to work with different mediums such as linocut and etching plates.  I feel blessed that NLM has enabled me to express what I love doing and create fine art.

I believe that art is a significant way for me as a Torres Strait Islander woman to express myself.  I hope the results demonstrate this.

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