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About us

About our Art Centre

Moa Art

Moa Arts is the trading name of Ngalmun Lagau Minaral, which means ‘our island’s design’.

We are an Indigenous owned and operated Art Centre on Mua Island in the western cluster of Zenadth Kes – the Torres Strait.

Through our artwork we keep Mualgal traditions and Zenadth Kes arts and culture strong for everyone.

Fiona Elisala Mosby inking a roller at KickArts Indigenous Printmaking Program,

Cairns 2018.   Photo: Blueclick Photography

Creative inspiration for the work at Moa Arts comes from Mualgal ancestral stories, totemic representation and connections to sea, land, sky and family. Mua’s artists don’t have to look far to be inspired. The island and its surrounding waters and reefs hold a diverse set of land and marine ecosystems with niches for many rare and unique species such as dugong and sea turtle.



Moa Arts’ reputation is built on the calibre of its limited edition lino prints and etchings, works on paper, woven baskets and bags and traditional island style jewellery – beaded necklaces and earrings.

Everything is made on Moa Island and the proceeds of our sales go back directly to our artists and developing creative programs to support the community.