I was born on Thursday Island and originally from Kubin community, Moa Island. I am the eldest in the family of three.

My primary schooling was at Kubin State School which is currently now Tagai College Kubin Campus. Secondary schools I’ve attended are St Brendan’s College (Yeppoon), Peace Luthern College (Cairns) and recently graduated Thursday Island – Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh.

I have more skills with music as I’ve done participating as a Class Subject. It wasn’t until I participated in a Youth Holiday Program in my community, an initiative with the local Indigenous Centre (IKC) of the Torres Strait Rigional Island Council (TSIRC) in partnership with Moa Art Centre (Ngalmun Lagau Minaral). It was here that I was introduced to understand how the art industry generates. Participating was very valuable as we had time to learn/work alongside our local artist: Mr Solomon Booth & Cr David Bosun.

We participated in learning skills of how to do lino-cut printing which all our youth art works had then have been collected and entered in the 2014 Gab titui awards. Being exposed to the art industry I seem to have passion to be creative and I’m a quick learner and try to keep my interest in various types of art medium. eg. Lino-cut printing, basket weaving and coconut oil making.