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Gallery Exhibitions


Featuring new work by:
David Bosun
Fiona Elisala Mosby
Paula Savage
Flora Warria


CIAF’s Virtual Exhibition opens to the public on August 14, 2020.

In the lead up to the official launch, we’ll be progressively adding content to this page,

looking at each of the artists and their work in more depth.

In this video David Bosun talks about his work Zugubaw Baidham, a series of large painted panels depicting the shark constellation that appears in the northern hemisphere.

David Bosun – Zugubaw Baidham

Zugubaw Baidham is part of a complex web of indicators that act as guides for living in these traditional lands and waters around Mua Island. It signals the best time for fishing and acts as a navigational tool.

A pioneer of the print tradition in Zenadh Kes (the Torres Strait) and a senior artist at Moa Arts, David’s work draws from his deep cultural knowledge and often focuses on two things at once; maintaining culture, language and stories for future generations and using contemporary media and art making practices to re-interpret that knowledge to make it more accessible and relevant.

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