My name is Jeanon Bosun, I was born on the 24th of October 1971 on Thursday Island. I grew up on Badu Island, my mother is from Kubin, my father is from Mabuiag and my grandmother is from New Mapoon. In my upbringing I enjoyed fishing with my dad, and gardening with my mum, I enjoyed all the outdoor recreational activities. After completing Year 12 I continued onto further education in studying Visual Arts where I first learnt printmaking, after that I moved to Kubin. Whilst living on Kubin I worked at the Childcare Centre in Kubin, during my employment I undertook and completed a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. After working at Childcare centre, I started working at the IBIS (Islander Boarder of Industry), where I’m currently still working. I live with my partner, my daughter and two sons. My hobby and interests include going fishing and catching the fish I like to eat, which are nice and tasty. I also like drawing, I’m inspired by gardening culture, as this was part of my upbringing  and I like to draw the hibiscus and rose. I like coming to the art centre where I get inspiration to continue to further my skills and develop into my art practice. I also attended the Kubin Flying Arts weaving workshop where I made my first small basket, this has inspired me to continue and explore in making and wanting to learn new techniques and develop my skills to do more weaving and basket making.