I live and grew up on Kubin Village Mua Island in the Torres Strait.

Torres Strait is also known Zenadth Kes, is a strait between Australia and the Melanesian Island of New Guinea.

Through my grandparents I am a descendant of Wakaid and Argun Tribe, I am an eldest sister to 8 siblings. English was not my first language; I grew up speaking creole and living in the environment of my elders who spoke Kala Lagaw Ya (KLY).

Growing up on Kubin I was always learning from our elders about cultural practices such as island dancing, singing, hunting, gardening, cooking and way of life. Inspired by our elders one thing most common was Respect.

My hobby and interest are fishing, camping and family time. I love to fishing and go on outings and very much love spending time around Families.

New to art at aged 34 now a mum of 6, inspired to further my skills and develop into art practice from the knowledge of my ancestors to put pen to paper.

A quote I like to remind myself. “Every artist was first an amateur”.