Afro Comb 7 of 8
Tahmana Misick


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Artist: Tahmana Misick
Category: Print
Size / Medium:57 x 38cm – Monoprint
Title: Afro Comb 7 of 8

This print title “Afro Comb” is based off how some kids and adults have which dry black hair and we usually make it a routine in the morning to comb our hair with the afro comb. We usually use it especially on the little kids when they get ready for school in the morning before we tie there hair up, when we usually comb out there hair the kids and adults hair sometimes get big and usually turns into a afro before tying it up.

Art Centre notes: The artwork is a ‘pochoir’ print, or monoprint, printed on BFK Rives paper (100% cotton rag with strong archival properties). The print covers the paper from edge to edge.

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Afro Comb 7 of 8
Tahmana Misick”

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