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Artist: Fred Joe
Category: Print
Size / Medium:Image: 49.5 x 25.5cm Paper: 78 x 53cm – Etching
Title: Naga

This print illustrates a dream time story of Naga the sourcerer of Nhagi. The story foretold from our Myst and Legends that was told by our forefathers.

Naga was a sourcerer who lived on Nhagi, and Nhagi lies in the middle of our trade route between Kai Dhuadi and Migi Dhaudi, which is two Mainlands to the South., and to the North.

When trading or other canoes pass by Naga would lure them in, by performing is sourcerer, and he also uses his feathers to transform the into canoe that he can travel to other Island and Mainlands.



Art centre notes:

Paper Size: 54.4cm x 78.6cm, Image Size: 25.5cm x 49.2cm

The artwork is an etching on Hahnamule paper 100% cotton rag with strong archival properties.


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