Ngalmun Wakai (Our Voice), Ngalmun Danalaig (Our Lives)
David Bosun


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Artist: David Bosun
Category: Print
Size / Medium:Image: 79 x 60cm Paper: 107 x 78cm – Monoprint
Title: Ngalmun Wakai (Our Voice), Ngalmun Danalaig (Our Lives)

This print depicts the current political movement of First Nation Indigenous Australians toward Constitutional Recognition in the in the form of our voice, to improve decisions, policies and laws that affect us. The four leaves at the top of the message sticks represents our aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander tribal groups coming together at Uluru, “coming from all points of the Southern Sky”. The weaved pattern of the island mat represents the traditional kinship structures and belief system connected to our dreaming’s, song lines, languages and lore’s that are the basis and foundation of our First Nation peoples and the links to our land and waters as well as the ongoing thread to our ancient traditions and cultures. The message sticks represent the need for better communication and understanding between our indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, including truth-telling and agreement making, to help heal and repair the unresolved damage and trauma of the past. The trumpet shell is calling on all Australians to come together, to walk with us as per our generous invitation through the Uluru Statement from the Heart to vote ‘Yes’, to demonstrate our commitment to build a better nation for us all through a successful referendum.


Art Centre notes: The artwork is a monoprint, printed on Hannahmule paper (100% cotton rag with strong archival properties). 


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Ngalmun Wakai (Our Voice), Ngalmun Danalaig (Our Lives)
David Bosun”

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