Tra Kulka v7/8
Loretta Glanville


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Artist: Loretta Glanville
Category: Print
Size / Medium:P: 60 x 80cm I: 40 x 60cm – Monoprint
Title: Tra Kulka v7/8


Artistic impression of the Crystalized effect of the kino that is produced by the Iron Bark Gum Tree.

To me Iron Bark Gum Tree speaks of Strength and Resilient of my Apical ancestor tribal women (Gerainelgal Ipkaziel).  As you can find large areas of Iron Bark Gum trees within the Gerainelgal Tribal land.

The Tree red saps that leaks out from it tree trunks speaks to me of the Silent blood and tears that my Tribal women shares when they are in pain, but don’t show it to the ones they love and care for. What may seem that the tree is bleeding, but it is its protective mechaniWhen the tree bark dies the dead bark infuses a gum (kino) – which is the red tree sap that forms within and around the dead bark area of the Iron Bark Tree.

This bark becomes resistant to fire and heat and the gum/sap protects the living tissues within the trunk of the tree – and its branches – from fire.

Art Centre notes:

The artwork is a ‘pochoir’ print, or monoprint, printed on BFK Rives paper

(100% cotton rag with strong archival properties). 


Artist: Loretta Glanville

Printer: Dian Darmansjah

Printed: Moa Arts Studio, May 2023. 

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Tra Kulka v7/8
Loretta Glanville”

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