Moa Island Style – Earrings (Bead Work)
Danie Savage


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Artist: Danie Savage
Category: Jewellery – Beaded
Size / Medium:3 x 3cm – Bead work
Title: Moa Island Style – Earrings (Bead Work)

Moa Arts (Ngalmun Lagau Minaral) is an Indigenous-owned and operated art centre on Mua Island in the Torres Strait western cluster of islands. One of the primary aims of the art centre is to keep Muglal traditions of Zenadth Kes arts and culture strong for everyone through the production and sale of art.

The reputation of Moa Arts is built on the calibre of its limited edition lino-prints, etchings, weavings and island-style jewellery. Creative inspiration for these works comes from Mualgal ancestral stories, totemic representation and connections to sea, land, sky and family. Mua’s artists don’t have to look far to be inspired. The island and its surrounding waters and reefs hold a diverse set of land and marine ecosystems with niches for many rare and unique species such as dugong and sea turtle.

Art Centre notes: 

These earrings are made from glass beads and fishing line following traditional colour palettes. The findings are sterling silver.

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Moa Island Style – Earrings (Bead Work)
Danie Savage”

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