The Trumpet Blower II
Flora Warria


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Artist: Flora Warria
Category: Print
Size / Medium:Image:51 x 26cm Paper:76 x 56cm – Linocut
Title: The Trumpet Blower II

This artwork tells a story about myself, how I was specifically chosen by the elders of my community and was taught from a very young age to use a trumpet blower to notify he community if there was any special occasions. The community members would know exactly which event is about to occur by the sound of the trumpet, each events had their own unique rhythms and style.


Art Centre notes:

Image Size: 510mm x 260mm Paper size: 760mm x 560mm

The artwork is a (colour reduction/B/W) lino print, printed on BFK Rives paper (100% cotton rag with strong archival properties). 


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The Trumpet Blower II
Flora Warria”

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