Nuni Goat Road 2 OF 4
Tahmana Misick


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Artist: Tahmana Misick
Category: Print
Size / Medium:76cm x 56cm – Monoprint
Title: Nuni Goat Road 2 OF 4

“ Nuni Goat Road” is a print from when I flew over Kubin I saw all the little bush tracks and little nuns goat roads and it reminded me of when my “aka” (Grandmother) used to tell me stories of when she used to walk to saint Pauls which is another community here ok Moa island my “aka” (Grandmother) used to take her little sister and put her on the horses and they walked the same tracks all the way to saint Pauls community. these were story my “aka” (Grandmother) used to tell me when we were little.

Art Centre notes: Image size:76cm x 56cm, Paper size:76cm x 56cm The artwork is a ‘pochoir’ print, or monoprint, printed on BFK Rives paper. 100% cotton rag with strong archival properties. The print covers the paper from edge to edge.

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Nuni Goat Road 2 OF 4
Tahmana Misick”

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