Kuthai – Scarf


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David Boson: 180cm x 40cm Silk Chiffon

KUTHAI is a particular bush yam that grows throughout Zenadh Kes. It is a local favourite, eaten with turtle and dugong. Like taro, kuthai soaks up the animal fat, making it less fatty. Kuthai is harvested during the doldrums (saulala thonar or turtle mating season) when the winds drop off and hunting at sea is easier. There is always an abundance of fresh turtle and dugong at this time, so kuthai is important. When the root is about the size of a rockmelon it is dug up and cut. At the same time the small bulbs that grow out of the top are replanted. It takes two years to grow the root to a good size, but they can be left in the ground for more years and harvested when they are much bigger. Traditionally one area is harvested while the next one is still growing, so there is always a harvest for the following year. Enough is taken to last the whole wet season from December to March, when the wind picks up and the seas are too rough to hunt.



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