I am the fifth child out of five, the language most used in my household is Kala Lagaw Ya and I live on Kubin Moa Island. My birthplace is Thursday Island and  where I spent the first years of my kindy. My family than moved to Moa Island where I did grade 1-3 at St Pauls Community, then year 4-7 at Kubin Village and graduated primary school. I attended boarding school at St Ursula’s Toowoomba, around year 11 I relocated to Mount Saint Bernards Herberton and graduated year 12. City life was very different from Kubin. I would get homesick all the time because I wasn’t able to do what I do on the islands, like walking on the reef fishing, swimming in the freshwater creeks or saltwater, bush bashing, making a fire in the backyard and most of all being with my family. One thing I learnt from boarding was to be independent.

After high school it was than a search to find my adulthood, what were my options and opportunities at this point. After spending 3 years in Cairns, I returned home at age of 20. I worked at Torres Strait Regional Council for a year as administration officer, I then worked at our primary school as a cleaner and admin. Doing two jobs at once was very eye opening. This unlocked skills, I didn’t know I had. It was a great opportunity to thicken my resume and get more experience, but I knew it was something I didn’t want to do in the long run. A new job was opening at our local art centre – Moa Arts. I succeed as an applicant and I’ve never been happier. I’m currently working as their Sales and Marketing Assistant, more new openings to bigger and better opportunities.

“drawing sketches in a little black book was a hobby that I couldn’t shake, once I started working at the Art Centre, I have mastered how to do more than just sketches and that has opened doors for me that I didn’t know existed.”