Bidhau Ulakal 2 OF 7
Babetha Nawia


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Artist: Babetha Nawia
Category: Print
Size / Medium:40 x 60cm – Monoprint
Title: Bidhau Ulakal 2 OF 7

Bidhau Ulakal means a school of squid in KLY. In this collection it shows a bunch of squid travelling between the mangrove leaf’s, they blend which makes it hard to see them. Every Christmas break my family and I go to Arkai Buthu and walk from one end to another luring for squid. We have a rivalry: who catch’s the most. Then we deep fry them to eat with rice or sop sop.

Arkai Buthu: Kubin Beach

KLY: Kala Lagau Ya Dialect

Sop Sop: Island veggie dish

Art Centre notes: The artwork is a ‘pochoir’ print, or monoprint, printed on BFK Rives paper. 100% cotton rag with strong archival properties. The print covers the paper from edge to edge.

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Bidhau Ulakal 2 OF 7
Babetha Nawia”

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