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Sometimes it can be tricky finding an artwork that suits. That's why we developed a range of merchandise. Our teatowels, greeting cards and silk scarves have all been developed by our artists right here on Mua Island and because we are an Indigenous owned and operated Art Centre, all profits go back into running programs that support local artists. We pay above the recommended royalty rates for each of our designs (and recipes!) as well. Our tea towels are practical and beautiful, each 100% linen and featuring unique Torres Strait recipes. $35 Our greeting cards come with envelopes and are printed on

In our latest video profile, artist Flora Warria talks about her family recipe for Banana in Coconut Milk. This island favourite is one of six unique hand printed tea towels available through Moa Arts. Mrs Warria has also done the artwork that goes with the recipe. To have a look at our full range, click here. https://vimeo.com/392326482

The Coral Expeditions cruise liner came through on a flying visit in October this year, and set anchor off shore from Kubin just long enough for our artists, dancers and singers to give them a very warm, island-style welcome. Senior artist David Bosun left Darwin with the tour group some days beforehand, travelling as guide through the Gulf and Torres Strait, talking about the evolution of the print tradition in Zenadh Kes, and general customary practices of the Mualgal people. Mua dancers and singers performed on deck while Flora Warria ran a workshop in jewellery making and beading. Angela Torenbeek

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