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I was born on Thursday Island and grew my childhood years at Kubin Village, Moa Island. I learn how to grow plants, do gardening and traditional ways for fishing. I love spending time with both of my parents listening to cultural stories. I live with my own family, children and grandchildren here on Kubin. I've been working at the Kubin State School - Primary for almost couple of years now. My duty here at the school is an Educator. In the future, I would love to weave more baskets, do painting and drawings. My stories would reflect on my cultural

My name is Flora Warria, I'm from Kubin Community On Moa Island In the Torres Strait. I am a descendant of the Mualgal Tribe. My ancestral land where I come from is Wug (now known as St Pauls Community). Art and Craft has been a influence in my life from a very young age. This knowledge has been passed down to me from generation to generation through oral teaching from ancestral time. This practice is still a big part of our lifestyle today. In my art work I like to use natural materials and resources that is collected from my local area, with traditional knowledge

My name is Tahmana Misick, I reside here at Kubin Village on Moa Island. I'm employed at Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Arts (Moa Arts) holding a gallery assistant position as well as practising and doing artworks as an emerging artist. My hobbies include going out fishing, spending time with my family, cooking and doing art. The influence on my artworks are based on my childhood from different island foods, plants and traditions.

I am the fifth child out of five, the language most used in my household is Kala Lagaw Ya and I live on Kubin Moa Island. My birthplace is Thursday Island and  where I spent the first years of my kindy. My family than moved to Moa Island where I did grade 1-3 at St Pauls Community, then year 4-7 at Kubin Village and graduated primary school. I attended boarding school at St Ursula's Toowoomba, around year 11 I relocated to Mount Saint Bernards Herberton and graduated year 12. City life was very different from Kubin. I would get homesick