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I was born on Thursday Island and grew up there but I also grew up on Dauan Island where I spent most of my childhood. This was my mother's side of the family. My family lives on Dauan now. My beads and colours are based on my bloodline. My jewellery was in the CIAF exhibition in 2019 in Cairns and I'm so excited to see the outcomes. I would love to develop my skills more & keep growing as an artist and jeweller.

I was born at Thursday Island and grew up on Badu Island with my very big family. I grew up leaning the importance of working hard to look after my family which included planting gardens, and tending and maintain the gardens, from root veggies to different tropical fruits including watermelon, mangoes and coconut and tending to the chores at home with mum and my older sisters as well as fetching firewood, while my brothers sought seafood. Coming from a big family, I now live with my husband and family on Kubin.

I was born on Thursday Island but I grew up in Moa Island, Kubin Village. As a child I've learnt certain things in life, traditional work with art. I live on Kubin with my mother and two siblings. I would like to base my painting and drawings on the environment surroundings location of my area which is the landscape of the sea and cultural heritage. I haven't been to any previous exhibitions or art awards but it would be amazing if I attended one in the next upcoming years.

I live and grew up on Kubin Village Mua Island in the Torres Strait. Torres Strait is also known Zenadth Kes, is a strait between Australia and the Melanesian Island of New Guinea. Through my grandparents I am a descendant of Wakaid and Argun Tribe, I am an eldest sister to 8 siblings. English was not my first language; I grew up speaking creole and living in the environment of my elders who spoke Kala Lagaw Ya (KLY). Growing up on Kubin I was always learning from our elders about cultural practices such as island dancing, singing, hunting, gardening, cooking and way of