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Solomon resides in his motherland of Kubin Village on Moa Island in the beautiful Torres Strait, located between mainland Australia and Papua New Guinea.  He has lived here since he was 15 years old. Solomon spent his early years in Darwin in the Northern Territory. As a child he had a fascination with art and drawing. Solomon finished his schooling in Townsville Queensland and went on to complete an ATSI Visual Arts Certificate and Cert IV Training and Assessment. Solomon joined the Mualgal Minaral Artist Collective in 2000, before it incorporated as Moa Arts - Ngalmun Lagau Minaral Art Centrein 2010. He was a founding Committee member of Moa Arts and is the

I come from Koedal, Kurrzi and Dhangal totem through my parents. I live and grew up in Kubin Village on Mua island in the near western cluster. My art work describes the stories told by our ancestors through their dreams, which are passed down by our fore fathers to father to son. This transcripts in our mind, then the stories are put into painting, printing & carving.

My name is Jeanon Bosun, I was born on the 24thof October 1971 on Thursday Island. I grew up on Badu Island, my mother is from Kubin, my father is from Mabuiag and my grandmother is from New Mapoon. In my upbringing I enjoyed fishing with my dad, and gardening with my mum, I enjoyed all the outdoor recreational activities. After completing Year 12 I continued onto further education in studying Visual Arts where I first learnt printmaking, after that I moved to Kubin. Whilst living on Kubin I worked at the Childcare Centre in Kubin, during my employment I

I was born on Thursday Island and originally from Kubin community, Moa Island. I am the eldest in the family of three. My primary schooling was at Kubin State School which is currently now Tagai College Kubin Campus. Secondary schools I've attended are St Brendan's College (Yeppoon), Peace Luthern College (Cairns) and recently graduated Thursday Island – Waybeni Koey Ngurpay Mudh. I have more skills with music as I've done participating as a Class Subject. It wasn't until I participated in a Youth Holiday Program in my community, an initiative with the local Indigenous Centre (IKC) of the Torres Strait Rigional Island