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Flora WarriaDoB: 9/30/1967 4:00:00 AM Community: Kubin My name is Flora Warria, I'm from Kubin Community On Moa Island In the Torres Strait.I am a descendant of the Mualgal Tribe. My ancestral land where I come from is Wug (now known as St Pauls Community).Art and Craft has been a influence in my life from a very young age.This knowledge has been passed down to me from generation to generation through oral teaching from ancestral time. This practice is still a big part of our lifestyle today.In my art work I like to use natural materials and resources that

Fred JoeDoB: 9/30/1967 4:00:00 AM Community: Kubin I come from Koedal, Kurrzi and Dhangal totem through my parents. I live and grew up in Kubin Village on Mua island in the near western cluster. My art work describes the stories told by our ancestors through their dreams, which are passed down by our fore fathers to father to son. This transcripts in our mind, then the stories are put into painting, printing & carving.

Gertie TomsanaDoB: 1/1/1969 5:00:00 AM Community: Kubin My name is Gertie Tomsana, I grew up in a very sensitive cultural environment practising traditional dancing and singing at Kubin. I also learnt gardening.I came to Kubin at the age of 4, I've lived and raised and had family living in Kubin for more than 50 years.

Jeanon BosunDoB: 10/24/1971 4:00:00 AM Community: Kubin My name is Jeanon Bosun, I was born on the 24thof October 1971 on Thursday Island. I grew up on Badu Island, my mother is from Kubin, my father is from Mabuiag and my grandmother is from New Mapoon. In my upbringing I enjoyed fishing with my dad, and gardening with my mum, I enjoyed all the outdoor recreational activities. After completing Year 12 I continued onto further education in studying Visual Arts where I first learnt printmaking, after that I moved to Kubin. Whilst living on Kubin I worked at the

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