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Moa Arts has come a long way since it started out as 'The Mualgau Minaral Artist Collective' in the early 2000's. From humble beginnings in a tin shed and an old press down by the jetty, Moa Arts has continued to grow over the years to become a serious creative force in Zenadth Kes. Today it has a permanent staff of six artsworkers and a print studio that turns out hundreds of unique colour and black and white prints every year, plus amazing weavings and beaded jewellery. This new video tells the Moa Arts story of today. It

Moa arts textile enterprises “I am at the very start of my journey, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to meet the TSRA and Many Rivers and learn about starting my own business,”Mabel Kanai, Artist As part of Moa Arts' commitment to supporting the women of Mua Island, a program of textiles workshops took place at the Art Centre in November and December 2021. The workshops were designed to build higher-level skills in fabric design, sewing, printing and dyeing. The aim of the project was to encourage the women of Kubin and St Pauls Communities to come in and learn some new

POCHOIR PRINTS Pochoir (French); noun; stencil " This print is based on outside fire that we like to roast crabs (Getalai) on. The orange stands for cooked crabs and the black is badly burnt steamed crabs."Paula savage, Artist Paula Savage Getali (Crab) - 1 of 3, 2021 Pochoir printing is a stencilling process used to make multiple, unique prints. It allows for a more flexible and adaptive approach to produce individual works that change across a series, shifting in composition, colour and effect. The pochoir process used at Moa Arts in 2021 involved transferring stencils between two inked plates. The stencils are laid on

NGURPAY (Dialect: Kala Kawa Ya); verb; teaching and learning Growing up in the Torres Strait, our Elders, the older ones and even aunties would explain the process of weaving. When we think of weaving, it’s about intertwining and connecting. It tells a story. The mat is a strong part of our culture. It is used from birth, the start of life until when you die. That weaving plays a strong part in our story.Fiona Elisala Mosby, in conversation with Freja Carmichael, Curator, Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane, August 2020 Ngurpay 2020 Monoprint series, variable dimensions This selection of prints from Fiona Elisala Mosby's recent

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